Student Conduct Peer Review Board


The Peer Review Board (PRB) hears conduct cases from a restorative justice, community-oriented mindset and is a peer-based alternative to meeting with a staff member one-on-one in the student conduct process. Peer Review Board members have been helpful in getting students connected to resources, rethinking policy from a community-focused and student perspective, and, most importantly, giving students a voice in the conduct process.

What is the Peer Review Board?

The Peer Review Board process mirrors the typical conduct process, with the only difference being that student peers review, hear, and make a decision regarding findings of responsibility and determining applicable student conduct outcomes rather than the case being heard by an individual conduct specialist. All student rights and responsibilities, processes, and appeal guidelines remain the same.

For reference, you can compare the two processes using this visual flowchart.

Questions/How to contact us

We are always open to your questions, comments and feedback regarding the UCSC Peer Review Board. Please feel free to contact us at any time at


The zoom meeting I attended was very helpful and everyone was friendly and I feel a bit more connected to the university because of that. I have loved spending spring quarter on campus and I hope to live on campus again. I'm excited for my next year at UCSC.


Peer Review Board Schedule

The Peer Review Board meets on a weekly basis throughout the academic year, although it observes university closures, breaks, and finals weeks.

Students are notified of their meeting date, time, and location (currently via Zoom) in the incident review meeting letter that they receive via email.