Student Leader Application

Welcome! This is the central information page for UCSC Resident Assistant (RA)/Neighborhood Assistant (NA) (PDF) and Programs Assistant (PA)/Community Assistant (CA) (PDF) applications and position information.

We have opened up the campus-wide 2022-23 academic year application process for the PA/CA positions. Please refer to the following deadlines when applying for all areas:

Applications available: February 14, 2022 

Application deadline: April 4, 2022

Individual interviews: April 13-14, 2022

Decisions sent to candidates:  April 27, 2022


For more information on the PA/CA position, download the self-guided Info Session.  Feel free to share any questions you may have with

Download the Info Session presentation (PDF)


Testimonial video from College Student Life (CSL) and Affiliated Residential Community Housing (ARCH) student leaders


Career Center Workshop

Resume Workshop for Student Leader Applications
Note: You must be logged in to your UCSC Google account to view the video of the workshop.

College Student Life Involvement Opportunities

If you find that the RA/NA or PA/CA jobs are not of your interest, please consider some of the following linked skill-building opportunities:

College Nine and John R. Lewis College (formerly College Ten)

  • Learn more about job opportunities in the Programs Office and Cocurricular Office here. Many hire in the Spring. 
  • Activities Office positions include the Fall Planning Assistant, the Activities Office Assistant, Tech Crew & Managers, Terry Freitas Cafe Staff & Managers, the College Guides, and the College Nine Student Senate Executives.
  • Cocurricular Office positions include the Faculty Initiatives Assistants, the CoCurricular Office Assistant, and the Practical Activism Conference Planners.

Cowell & Stevenson 


  • Student jobs in the Crown Programs Office include: Programs Assistant, Historian position, Posting position, Orientation Welcome Leader, Lead Orientation Welcome Leader, Social Fiction Coordinator (primarily Winter quarter position), CUIP Intern Visual Communications Assistant (new position for 2022 - 2023 academic year)
  • Student jobs with Crown/Merrill (CR/MR) Event/Tech Crew include Crew member and Crew Manager.
  • Student jobs in the College Academic Advising Office as Peer Advisor and Lead Peer Advisor 
  • Student jobs with Crown Provost Office include Core Peer Navigator and Leader Core Peer Navigator (work with Crown Core Faculty and support Frosh in Crown Core Courses)
  • Other College jobs include: Mailroom Clerk, Admin Office Assistant, Residential Education Office Assistant, Student Maintenance, Student Groundskeeper, Dining Hall Staff (various positions), Summer Maintenance Crew


  • Positions in the Programs and Leadership Office: Program Assistant and Orientation Welcome Leader
  • College Events Crew, Mailroom Clerk, Admin Office Assistant, Residential Education Office Assistant, Summer Maintenance Crew


  • Programs Assistant



Rachel Carson College

Student Conduct


Position Descriptions

Programs Assistant (PA)/Community Assistant (CA) (PDF)

Resident Assistant (RA)/Neighborhood Assistant (NA) (PDF)