Restorative Justice Program

Have you experienced harm or conflict? We’re here to help!

The UCSC Restorative Justice Program offers students the opportunity to participate in an inclusive and effective dialogue process for addressing harm/conflict and building support within their community. Any student who has been impacted by harmful words or actions, or is experiencing conflict, can request a facilitated, voluntary dialogue process.

When you contact the Restorative Justice Program, you will be offered a one-on-one meeting to share your perspective on what’s been happening and to explore options for how you would like to handle the situation.

You may choose to have a dialogue with the other person/group or you may just want coaching for how to handle the situation on your own.

If you choose to meet with others, and they also agree to participate, the group will come together for a facilitated, collaborative experience of safely discussing what has occurred and its impact, building common understanding, reducing stress, exploring options and reaching mutual solutions for making things right.

If you choose to receive coaching for handling the situation on your own, you will learn simple, yet powerful communication skills and get prepared to address the matter yourself.

“Without this meeting, we never would have discussed all of these issues or worked out these kinds of solutions.”
- UCSC Student

What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice brings people together to talk after harm has occurred. Together, they each share the impact of the harm, and they collaborate on making decisions for how things can be made right by those who caused the harm.

Unlike other justice processes, which are mandatory and which tend to keep people apart, the Restorative Justice process is voluntary and brings people together. Rather than a third party making a decision about the outcome, the actual parties involved in the situation make a decision together. The goal is to repair harm and make things right, for the individuals and the overall community.

Vicki Duval, M.A.
Masters in Restorative Justice & Conflict Resolution 
UCSC Restorative Justice Program Coordinator
(831) 459-3451