About the Restorative Justice Program Coordinator

Vicki Duval has a Master’s Degree in Restorative Justice & Conflict Resolution. She brings much experience to campus after spending 17 years developing and directing Restorative Justice Programs in collaboration with the Santa Cruz County Probation Department, local schools, Juvenile Hall, County Jail, Court and non-profit agencies. She sees the tremendous potential for bringing Restorative Justice into higher education and is excited to be on the cutting edge of developing and expanding this program at a University level.

“Incredible transformation can happen at Restorative Justice dialogues. People converse and connect in ways they never thought possible.” 

-V. Duval, Restorative Justice Program Coordinator

"Students gain new perspective on what happened and what can be done to repair the harm, they re-build their sense of community, and they feel empowered through a justice process that includes and values them.” 

"I’ve seen people, who originally couldn’t tolerate the idea of being in the same room, have such powerful, healing conversations. I’ve watched someone who was petrified to leave home, return to a normal, free-flowing life, after the person who committed the harm apologized and promised to never cause harm again.” 

Vicki welcomes students to contact her directly for support.

Vicki Duval, M.A.
Masters in Restorative Justice & Conflict Resolution 
UCSC Restorative Justice Program Coordinator
(831) 459-3451